Stop Losing Up To $200,000 / Year In Hidden Profits 

while growing by up to 100 members in 12 months

Grow By Up To 100 Memberships A Year

Managing your academy is great but the real goal is steady, consistent membership growth and Zivvy's Growth Platform is designed to do it.  

Zivvy is the KnockOut Punch that makes it easier to grow your membership without all the heavy lifting...

Capture & Sync leads directly into your system for instant follow up, and organization, all-in-one.
Enroll more members with Robotic Passive Enrollments™ that keeps you from spending even more money on ads.
Keep members training longer than ever with value-based messaging that keeps students motivated and excited about their training .

End Your Year With More Members Than You Started...

Zivvy is more than just a growth platform—it's a complete Integrated Online System. Access a comprehensive toolkit that will help you grow your membership and profits.

Super Easy Lead Capture

Capture and Sync leads directly for instant follow-up. lead nurture, and conversions to a full member.

Learn from experts in membership growth

Get coaching on all the strategies for membership growth.

Automatic Statistics & Metrics

With Zivvy, your stats are automatically generated and recorded.

Create customized Marketing & Retention Automation messaging

You get the flexibility to create personalized messaging for all your follow-up and other funnel conversion steps.

Get More Reviews & Testimonials

Easily inspire your customers to give you great reviews and testimonials which gives you the social proof you need to enroll more members.

Promote & Sell

Promote and sell your products and services online, 24x7 so you can get registrations and purchases while you sleep.

"...One of the things we love the most about Zivvy is it's automation processes"

"One of the things that we love the most at TXBBA about Zivvy is its automation processes. This is an awesome way to create instant contact before new students. Using Zivvy has created more ample time for us to focus on our business and to help continue growth in our schools. At TXBBA, it's our mission to impact lives through the martial arts and help others do martial arts training. So if it gives us ample opportunity and ability to do so."

Nick Pahanish

TX Black Belt Academy

11 Locations Dallas-Fort Worth

Over 3000 Active Members - Verified

"...I always think of my martial arts school
as life before Zivvy and life after Zivvy"

"But with Zivvy, it's everything in one. So the things that I use most is email and text put out our marketing messages each each week and each month. The calendar, okay, it schedules your appointment. It sends out reminders, auto texts, attendance, keeping attendance for our gym, running payments, of course, so we can get paid every month.

And the profit generators, when you have these events, it's just so easy send it out to people and they could pay right through the profit generator. It's helped me grow my business because everything is in one. You know, I could do all my automations, my email automations, text messages, And it just makes things a lot easier. You could see the entire dashboard, and you could see where you're at, where your numbers are at.

You know, you have to see your numbers to be able to grow. And the dashboard that Zivvy provides you see a snapshot daily of exactly where you're at with everything. 

I know martial arts changes people's lives, and I wanna help as many people as I can. And Zivvy just helps with all of that."

Matt Arroyo

Matt Arroyo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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